Hawaii Moringa Seedlings

At this time, we do not ship our seedlings. Order online and email us at hello@maruyamajonesfarm.com to schedule a pick-up at our Kona farm. Mahalo!

Grow your own backyard multivitamin with our moringa oleifera seedlings. Moringa leaves can be eaten fresh like spinach or cooked in a soup. The leaves can also be dehydrated to brew tea or create a plant-based protein powder. The young seed pods are great in a stir fry -- just like green beans! The taste is fresh and green with a hint of arugula-like spiciness.

They don't call moringa the "miracle tree" or "mother's helper" for nothing. Moringa is packed with plant-based protein, iron, calcium, vitamins A, B, and C, and potassium. Having your own moringa tree lets you enjoy the superfood's healing benefits anytime you'd like to pluck the fresh leaves and pods from your backyard.

Of the 13 varieties of moringa, moringa oleifera is the most domesticated for leaf and seed production. Our seedlings are potted in a custom soil mix from Organic Matters Hawaii to maximize drainage and moisture retention. 

Cultivation recommendations: Water daily. Apply organic fertilizer every other month. Because moringa is fast-growing, transfer the seedling to a larger pot or directly into the ground within several months.

Garden Menu:

Small moringa seedling: $15

Medium moringa seedling: $20

Large moringa seedling: $25