Hawaii Moringa Seedlings

Grow your own backyard nutrition with our moringa oleifera seedlings. Moringa leaves can be eaten fresh like spinach or cooked in a soup. The leaves can also be dehydrated to create tea or nutritional powder. The young seed pods are great in a stir fry -- just like green beans! The taste is fresh and green with a hint of arugua-like spiciness.

They don't call moringa the "miracle tree" or "mother's helper" for nothing. Moringa is packed with plant-based protein, iron, calcium, vitamin A, vitamin C and potassium. Having your own supply in your backyard lets you enjoy that moringa glow and "green flash" energy boost anytime you want! 

Garden Menu:

Small moringa seedling: $15

Medium moringa seedling: $20

Large moringa seedling: $25

Lil' note on the variety:  We have had high yields of leaves and seeds from this variety of moringa. Of the 13 varieties of moringa, moringa oleifera has been the most domesticated for leaf and seed production. Our seedlings are potted in a custom soil mix from Organic Matters Hawaii to maximize drainage and moisture retention. 

Cultivation suggestions: Water daily. Apply organic fertilizer every two weeks. Because moringa is fast-growing, you should transfer the seedling to a larger pot or directly into the ground within a month. 

Want to add this to your garden?: At this time, we do not ship our seedlings. Hawaiʻi gardeners can pick up plants from our farm in Kailua-Kona. Call 808-345-3054 to schedule an order.