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Moringa Seed Oil and Sleep Study

Join a Moringa Seed Oil and Sleep Study

Getting good sleep is not always easy and is often a luxury enjoyed by the privileged. Most of the world thinks of Hawai'i as a relaxing getaway, but the truth is that Hawaii is the state with the highest percentage of adults who get less than the recommended 7 hours of sleep each night (43 percent), according to the University of Wisconsin Population Health Institute. A poll of 500 Hawaii residents by the Sleep Foundation found that stress may be a top reason. About 45 percent said stress, mental health and anxiety kept them awake at night. Nearly 30 percent of people didn’t get enough sleep due to their work schedules, and nearly 25 percent named their sleep environments.

Many hard-working people in Hawaii are hustling to make rest possible for others without experiencing it for themselves. The lesson we’re learning, and still struggling to apply, is that we all deserve sleep. Reclaiming rest is beneficial for everybody.  We owe it to our bodies to make the most of our time to sleep. That’s where we hope moringa (a.k.a. malunggay or kalamungay) seed oil can help.

 Join our study on a natural sleep aid, moringa seed oil.

A Gateway for Better Sleep

You’re invited to join a group of people who want to improve their sleep by taking our farm-grown, cold-pressed moringa seed oil. This pilot study is designed to measure the oil’s effect on sleep and how rejuvenated you feel when you wake up.

Qualified participants will receive a care package with a complimentary 5mL dropper bottle of moringa seed oil ($20 value). They will be asked to take two drops of moringa seed oil under their tongue at bedtime every night. Each morning, they will receive surveys via text message to track their sleep progress during the 22-day study.

To apply: Click here to answer a few questions. Your answers will be anonymous. 

How Moringa Can Help with Sleep

The moringa tree is our plant ally in sleep and restoration. A scientific study suggests it can help us fall asleep quicker and stay asleep longer. In the study, a healthy flavonoid in moringa seeds called kaempferol–which is also being researched as an anti-cancer compound–increased a neurotransmitter called GABA, which slows the brain to a calming pace and helps to induce sleep. It is no surprise that this nutrient-dense tree may also offer nourishment through sleep.


Why Sleep is Essential

About 1 in 3 American adults do not get the sleep they need, according to the Centers for Disease Control.  A chronic lack of sleep has long-term health consequences, such as a higher risk of heart disease, high blood pressure, obesity, stroke and a weakened immune system. Sleep deprivation affects our learning, problem-solving, memory, attention, and decisiveness. A sleep-deprived mind can resemble an intoxicated mind.

Our bodies need rest to be creative. Our bodies need rest to advocate for our needs and those of our community. Our bodies need rest to find the courage to do things differently.

Moringa’s Benefits Extend Beyond Sleep

An increasing number of scientific studies have explored the medicinal benefits of moringa seeds. This edible oil contains healthy compounds such as quercetin and isothiocyanate. One study found that these compounds diminished human liver and colon cancer cells. Another study found moringa seed oil damaged human cervical cancer cells, liver cancer cells, breast cancer cells, and colon cancer cells. Studies also suggest that moringa seed extract can heal liver damage, treat asthma, alleviate rheumatoid arthritis, improve heart structure and function, and treat type 1 diabetes. A 2022 study found that eating moringa seed extract may also help to reduce symptoms of anxiety, reduce symptoms of depression, and improve memory during periods of chronic stress.

People around the world have eaten parts of this tropical vegetable tree for thousands of years. Hawai'i locals often know moringa by its Filipino names, malunggay or kalamungay. Its other nicknames include the drumstick tree, horseradish tree, the miracle tree and mother’s helper. Moringa is drought-tolerant and can survive in poor soil, yet every part (leaves, pods, seeds, flowers, bark, roots) can be eaten or used medicinally. The tree grows rapidly and can reach heights of 20 to 30 feet. People eat moringa leaves raw, sauteed and cooked in soups. The leaves taste like watercress with a slight arugula-like spiciness.

The fruits of the tree are pods that look like drumsticks. They grow to about an inch in diameter and about 2 feet in length on our farm. At first, young, thin moringa pods can be cooked like string beans. As the fruit matures into a thicker green pod, its seeds can be cooked, scraped out and eaten.

Left on the tree, the pods dry out and turn a dark brown. Our moringa seed oil comes from fully mature pods whose seeds have reached their peak oil content. We cold-press the seeds using pressure to maintain the oil’s nutrients and healthy phytochemicals. The oil is golden yellow in color and has been used as a salad and cooking oil in India, Haiti and Africa. It has a subtly sweet, peanut-like flavor. Moringa seeds are high in oleic acid and have a high ratio of good to bad fats (monounsaturated to saturated fatty acids), similar to olive oil, which has heart health benefits

Join our study today!

If you would like to take moringa seed oil to see how it betters your health and your sleep, please apply here to join us in learning more about this part of the moringa tree.

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